Last week

Last week end I exhibited my work at the ICHF show “Sewing for Pleasure” at the NEC in Birmingham. It was very busy especially on the Thursday and Saturday.

I met up with lots of lovely people, and sold some books and kits.

One of the main reasons for doing the shows is to exhibit my work and let people see what I new work I have been making. I am never totally confident that my work will be well received.

I was absolutely amazed at how popular my new “jumpers” quilts were. All those many hours of stitching all seem worth it. I have been working at making a new book – a catalogue of all my Scandinavian inspired work and I think if it had been ready i think i would have sold lots of copies.

Nordic Journeys in Stitch should be ready for Festival of Quilts and will feature all the new Quilts and I will also have a kit to learn how to make them.

i have already made a handling sample ready for FOQ as people just couldn’t keep their hands off my quilts – they wanted to feel them and obviously try to work out how I had made them.

All will be revealed in August. I am teaching it first at the Bramble Patch in September.

The other 2 quilts that was very popular were my turnip quilt and the Early Morning Swim quilt. Again I will be teaching them at the Bramble Patch in the Autumn. I have Phil my photographer coming to take some good photos of them on Monday so will post some pictures another time.

I have finished my Elements Quilt this week (CQ Challenge)- I need to well ahead as I have so much teaching in the Spring. No photos now – will do later – if my quilt gets accepted.

Tuesday i spent the day teaching art to 6 year olds. Always a fun day but, such a different approach compared to teaching adults.

Yesterday i had a parcel arrive


Inside was a present for me, made by the Stitching Project

It is made from Mashroo (not sure that is the correct spelling) It is made from a very beautiful silk fabric and feels fabulous to wear.

I think i will wear it next time I give a talk – it has a beautiful sheen


Here I am wearing it – dreadful photos of me!

It fits beautifully!

IMG_1811 IMG_1809

The lining


The detailed stitching


Stitching on the scarf


Now I need to update my website and add the new Flower Kits to the “Shop” and write the instructions for the new kits


Whenever I teach in village halls etc I always find that the chairs are too low for me and students regularly discuss about getting back neck ache when they machine for long periods. My son is a physiotherapist and i asked him to come up up a series of exercises that we could do to relieve these aches and pains.
So now I have a set of exercises to try out during my teaching.




Looking forward to testing them out
I am teaching 7 year olds tomorrow so I dont think I will try them tomorrow

Exhausting Day

A day inside the NEC is exhausting – I find the lack of fresh air hard to cope with.
My new flower kits have been well received and my new jumper quilts seem to have been very popular but the quilt that has attracted most attention is the large version of Early Morning Swim




Sewing for Pleasure

Not really sure exactly what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks. It all seems a bit of a blur.
Lots of teaching, family things and finishing a few quilts that i started recently all to get ready for the exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. It is all set up now and I am ready to welcome visitors.




I have work in the Voyage gallery

I also have quilts in the Contemporary Quilt Group Gallery



It is a few weeks since I last posted. I have been busy but I havent posted any pictures as I have had problems with my computer.

It is all sorted now so here are a few photos

I went to the Antique textiles Fair in Manchester – always a very enjoyable experience. i bought a Maasai neck piece and a couple od old second hand books


We made a visit to Salts Mill to see the new Hockney exhibition

IMG_3422 IMG_3419 IMG_3418 IMG_3417

I’ve done lots of teaching up and down the country

Here are just a few of the students pieces of work – more to follow another day

IMG_3427 IMG_3429 IMG_3428 IMG_1695

IMG_3436 IMG_3435

My new flower kits should be ready for Sewing For Pleasure in a couple of weeks. Here is the front cover


I’ve been working on several new quilts. None are finished but these photos show one in progress

IMG_1697 IMG_1707

Boring week

Last week was a very productive week this week has just been boring and quite stressful.

My computer wouldn’t start so that meant an hours drive to the Apple Shop in Bradford and then 2 days later I had to pick it up. It is still not right.

I had a photographer come to my studio to photograph my quilts. It feels good to know that now I have a really good quality image of most of my pieces of work.

I am very impressed with his photographs of my flowers

I have had a meeting with the Graphic Designer and he will do the Graphics for my new Flower Kits. It takes ages to get all the correct photos with the right text etc etc. I have to get it right as there will be 500 printed. My studio is stuffed full of flower kits, without instructions.

I have a new kit that will be ready for FOQ in August. It is a game that you can stitch based on an indian game ( a bit like Ludo).

Hand or Machine Stitched?





I have done some requirements lists for new 1 day courses – always find this hard.

I have done all the paperwork for my quilts that will go in an exhibition in the States in June, and for an exhibition in Prague in April.

And my Indian Bride is finished..still needs a bit of light coloured paint on the cheek.



A busy week

With only a little teaching this week I have had time to catch up. My plan was to write the instructions for the graphic designer for my new Flower Kits and update my website but I would rather be doing some stitching.

On Tuesday I taught how to make the 1950’s flowers panel and decided I needed some more samples for teaching the same class in the Summer so made this piece using some hand block printed fabrics and some navy blue indigo dyed fabrics with some applique over the top. The photo was taken with my phone so the colours are not very accurate

photo 2


I have been playing with some of the indigo fabric I bought back from India and tried putting some applique over the top but it was “lost” so more playing needed

photo 4 photo 3


I have been asked to make a piece, I think for auction, for the Quilters Guild Conference so finished this piece and will send it off tomorrow.

photo 1

I finished stitching some more mittens and started stitching them together. Each square is 4″ so it is quite big. There is still a bit of work needed to finish it.


Finally, I have started on the last of my International threads pieces for exhibition in Prague in April. This is the challenge I set called Sketch. I decided to sketch straight on to the fabric, using one of my photographs that I took in India as a starting point.  i’m using a lot of metallic thread, which I rarely use. I also intend to stitch or maybe glue lots of jewels to it. The hands need more paint. Her cheek needs some more work and I would like to try to get her smiling a bit more. This one is 40cm x 80cm

photo 5