International Threads Quilt

I was late completing the latest international Threads Quilt Challenge, so have spent the last couple of days completing this quilt. The challenge was “Large Scale, small scale” 

It is based on flowers (Echinacea) I took whilst in France 

I photographed it as I went along


Image 6

Image 7


Image 8






I’ve been out walking in the wind today, the light on the hills was spectacular, so many inspiring photos.



IMG_2698 - Version 2









Festival of Quilts

The festival of Quilts is over and I have recovered!
It is exhausting and being stuck in a small space without much daylight I find quite hard, but I meet some fabulous people, say hello to old friends and it is lots and lots of fun!
Here are some photos of my Tigers and Goats game – it didnt win a prize but I did get some genuinely lovely comments from the judges and lots of ticks in the excellent boxes so i am happy. It wasnt displayed very well and not how I asked for it to be displayed but here are the photos
Image 1
Image 3

Here is my Dislocation quilt displayed in the CQ gallery
Image 2
I am hoping for a quieter August when I can take stock, make some new pieces and get myself organised!

Almost ready for FOQ

At this time of year I seem to spend much of my time getting ready for FOQ.

I am almost ready! Kits are finished – just waiting for them to come back from the printers. New cards being printed and more copies of my book.

I have had 2 lovely days at the Bramble Patch doing Open Studios meeting some nice people who came in to the shop.

I got myself organised before I left and had a plan of what i wanted to do whilst i was there.

So I finished my latest Voyage quilt







Finished my August CQ Journal Quilt based on some photos I took whilst in FranceIMG_9926


And then did the next Journal Quilt for September based on the photos I took whilst cycling in Holland in MayIMG_9925I started to make the new flowers for the next set of kits, but didnt finish them. They will be slightly bigger than the previous flowers, have some shell buttons included in the kit and be in shades of pink, blue and purple. So you should be able to buy a pink set, a blue set or a mixed set.

I am also working on 4 more Indian Lady designs for the new kits.

Everyone seems to like the new backgrounds so I have ordered more – this time in a neutral colour way – greys, browns etc

Looking forward to next week at the NEC!


New kits

Finally the new art work went to the printers last week. I have some new kits that will be ready for sale at the Festival of Quilts. Although some people have been able to mange to do the Indian ladies kit that I sell, I found out through teaching how to follow it, it is not easy for a beginner
and the problems with getting the printing and the graphics to match up proved very stressful. It also was not possible to stitch it by hand. So I have developed one that I think will work better.
There will be 4 different designs with currently 2 different backgrounds, although there will be a third. They all feature Indian ladies.
I have tested them, and tested them again and again, so have made many different variations. one of the reasons why I am pleased with them is that they will all look very different.
Here are some of my examples.
There is a pink / orange / gold background and also a green / blue background. I intend also have a very neutral background available as well.




These are just a few there are many more.
I was teaching at Romsey Quilters on Wednesday and it was great to be see if they worked well, and, I don’t think I need to say anything – the results of their work show just how well they work. I love some of their colour choices. I love it as students sometimes use colours that I wouldn’t use and make a fabulous job. I am also so impressed when students change my pattern and make it better! Thanks to Romsey Quilters!

The fabric for the background is a soft more loosely woven cotton so it can be easily stitched into by hand.

New Voyage Quilts

My dislocation quilt has been posted, my Festival of Quilts piece has been packed ready to go, so I thought it was time to start on some of the quilts I should have made but haven’t had time.
I need to make
A march / April, a May/ June and a July/August Voyage quilt all in an Earth / people series so yesterday I painted some backgrounds and started the appliqué on one of them


I should be able to get them finished soon and posted on the website


The last couple of weeks has been so busy…..

The Tour De France came past our house, it was so exciting and has made most of us proud to live in such a beautiful part of the UK. The yellow bunting, and bicycles are still up around the village








There are loads of cyclist out on the roads, today I went out on my bike for a long ride with a friend – great ride but a puncture and a snapped chain meant it ended in a bit of a disaster.Image 1


This photo was taken of a house near us.

Good news – my Dislocation quilt has been accepted for an exhibition at The Festival of Quilts. There were 79 entires and only 40 have been accepted and it will then go on to other venues.

Image 5


With the Festival of Quilts coming up soon I needed to get organised so yesterday I ordered 1000 more greetings cards so I will have some new cards for sale. There are lots of new Indian cards featuring the women and there are also some eg the Israeli swimmers that are new.

My entry for the 3D category at FOQ is finished (no photo). It was fun to make. Who knows whether I will win a prize, but it will create some interest and discussion

I have been working on my new kits featuring more Indian women. They will be available to sale at FOQ. They are easier than the Indian Ladies Kit to make.

There are 4 designs and 2 different coloured backgrounds









The green backgrounds arrived yesterday and I added the applique, and hopefully will find the time to do some stitching

Image 2


Image 3




Image 4


Finally …

One of my 3 Indian Ladies is to be featured on the cover of an Italian Quilt magazine!