I’ve been an admirer of the work of Robert and Sonia Delaunay so I just had to go to the new exhibition of the work of Sonia Delaunay at the Tate Modern.

So with some cheap train tickets I went with a friend to see the exhibition and went to a couple of others as well. yesterday we walked 12.5miles and the day before 7miles (we only arrived at 2.30).

My first stop was to the Horniman museum to see the Romanian Exhibition.







London looked fabulous in the sunshineIMG_2573





The Sonia Delaunay exhibition is well worth a visit and it was great to see worked that I have only looked at in books. The first time i saw her work was in the late 70’s when i went to an exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

I just had to buy a catalogue as soon as I came home (I just didn’t want to carry it around all day) so will have to be patient.

Here are a few images from my books that I already have.





The British Museum had an exhibition showing Bark Cloth from the Pacific. these designs could so easily be translated into quilts





We walked through Shoreditch to the Geffrey Museum.

I just love the graphics on the leaflets and spent some money buying more paint and paper from PaintWorks and Cowling and Willcox




And just had to make a visit to a couple of favourite shops



Here is the Covent garden Leaflet


My two new books arrived.

New ideas for a new quilt!



Holidays and a little teaching

I have been away for a few days so here are a few photos. Can you guess where I have been from the photos?

IMG_1995 IMG_1941 IMG_2070 IMG_2073 IMG_2091 IMG_2085 IMG_2092 IMG_2102 IMG_2117 IMG_2109 IMG_2104 IMG_2119

Another clue?


Here are a few more photos

IMG_2157 IMG_2173 IMG_2147 IMG_2211 IMG_2042 IMG_2041 IMG_2035 IMG_2033 IMG_2018 IMG_2009 IMG_1984 IMG_1975 IMG_1944

With such fabulous weather the Aran islands in County Clare Ireland looked amazing.

More photos from Bunratty, Doollin, Adare, Newbridge and Avoca Mills in Wicklow

IMG_1932 IMG_1927 IMG_1916 IMG_1906 IMG_1903 IMG_1899 IMG_1891 IMG_2400 IMG_2371 IMG_2344 IMG_2328 IMG_2281 IMG_2229 IMG_2228 IMG_2222 IMG_2221 IMG_2212 IMG_2186

And finally the lovely ladies from Limerick and the flowers we made at the workshop on Saturday


Hockney Exhibition


Today it felt like Spring has finally arrived and I have been out with my camera.

i woke up to sunshine so went out early up the hills.







I love to see the mist in the valley below.

On Wednesday I took Chantal to see the Hockney exhibition at Salts Mill.

The building itself is fabulous (so is the bookshop)



Here are just some of the Hockney ipad drawings

IMG_1824 IMG_1823 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 IMG_1820


This afternoon whilst out walking I took these photos – perhaps I could make them ipad drawings? His look so simple but are so clever. I think i need hours and hours of practice first.IMG_1845

IMG_1843 IMG_1844I love this photo of a washing line, especially the reflections




new books

I have a visitor staying with me this week
Chantal Guillermet a French quilter and teacher like myself.
Yesterday I was teaching in Hebden Bridge so Chantal came with me and then we went shopping. I bought the latest edition of Uppercase – a very inspiring magazine from Canada and a copy of Flow – lots of paper ideas. We went to see the Kate Lycett exhibition at the heart gallery – her work is fabulous. The Kaavad book I ordered from Amazon and it arrived yesterday.
So an inspiring day!
Too many ideas and not enough time.
I keep meaning to do some more quilts based on Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall but it is a case of which quilt to I make first. My Taiwan piece is finished but I dont want to add that until I get the approval to post.


Last week

Last week end I exhibited my work at the ICHF show “Sewing for Pleasure” at the NEC in Birmingham. It was very busy especially on the Thursday and Saturday.

I met up with lots of lovely people, and sold some books and kits.

One of the main reasons for doing the shows is to exhibit my work and let people see what I new work I have been making. I am never totally confident that my work will be well received.

I was absolutely amazed at how popular my new “jumpers” quilts were. All those many hours of stitching all seem worth it. I have been working at making a new book – a catalogue of all my Scandinavian inspired work and I think if it had been ready i think i would have sold lots of copies.

Nordic Journeys in Stitch should be ready for Festival of Quilts and will feature all the new Quilts and I will also have a kit to learn how to make them.

i have already made a handling sample ready for FOQ as people just couldn’t keep their hands off my quilts – they wanted to feel them and obviously try to work out how I had made them.

All will be revealed in August. I am teaching it first at the Bramble Patch in September.

The other 2 quilts that was very popular were my turnip quilt and the Early Morning Swim quilt. Again I will be teaching them at the Bramble Patch in the Autumn. I have Phil my photographer coming to take some good photos of them on Monday so will post some pictures another time.

I have finished my Elements Quilt this week (CQ Challenge)- I need to well ahead as I have so much teaching in the Spring. No photos now – will do later – if my quilt gets accepted.

Tuesday i spent the day teaching art to 6 year olds. Always a fun day but, such a different approach compared to teaching adults.

Yesterday i had a parcel arrive


Inside was a present for me, made by the Stitching Project

It is made from Mashroo (not sure that is the correct spelling) It is made from a very beautiful silk fabric and feels fabulous to wear.

I think i will wear it next time I give a talk – it has a beautiful sheen


Here I am wearing it – dreadful photos of me!

It fits beautifully!

IMG_1811 IMG_1809

The lining


The detailed stitching


Stitching on the scarf


Now I need to update my website and add the new Flower Kits to the “Shop” and write the instructions for the new kits


Whenever I teach in village halls etc I always find that the chairs are too low for me and students regularly discuss about getting back neck ache when they machine for long periods. My son is a physiotherapist and i asked him to come up up a series of exercises that we could do to relieve these aches and pains.
So now I have a set of exercises to try out during my teaching.




Looking forward to testing them out
I am teaching 7 year olds tomorrow so I dont think I will try them tomorrow

Exhausting Day

A day inside the NEC is exhausting – I find the lack of fresh air hard to cope with.
My new flower kits have been well received and my new jumper quilts seem to have been very popular but the quilt that has attracted most attention is the large version of Early Morning Swim