Cycling in Holland

I have just returned from a few days cycling in Holland. I took masses of photos of the tulips. Here are just a few. I really want to make a quilt based on the tulip fields but I have too many other quilts to make. I should have more time after I have been to Veldhoven and Canada in May. I still have about 3 quilts to finish for Veldhoven.












London Show

I have just returned from having a stand at the ICHF show in London at Excel. We were also exhibiting our 2012 Voyage Quilts from an International Textiles Group that I belong to.

Here are some photos of my stand and the Voyage Quilts

Image 4


Image 5


Image 6




Image 10


Our Quilts were much admired and it has given us many thoughts about where we are going with our group, how they should be displayed in the future etc

It was good to have a few days with Dijanne Cevaal from Australia and Jane Oughton came to help us on Friday.

Image 11

A section of my Indian ladies Quilt was used for the Publicity Poster. It was printed on to Board and was about 3m high. Pity I couldn’t take it home

Image 9

I went for a walk along the canal one morning and took these photos.

Would make a great “line” inspired quilt

Image 13


Image 12


Image 14

And this one would be good for circles

Image 16

Image 8 Image 15


Excel is located near the O2 arena – not such a good photo but interesting patterns

Image 8It is a long drive to London, but i was able to deliver some more of my work to the Bramble Patch near Northampton on the way. My exhibition opened there on Saturday – I haven’t seen it yet but Sarah Shower’s group have an exhibition there as well and she called in to the Show at Excel on Saturday afternoon and says it looks good. I will be there on Friday (all day) and Saturday morning having 2 “Open Studio” days

Please call in if you are near.

After the Show finished on Saturday I then went on to stay with some good friends Hugh and Jane in Cambridge. I was so grateful for lovely food, wine, a comfy bed and great company!



Bramble Patch Exhibition





Hope to see anyone visiting on the 11th- 12th April. Image 8

Image 7


Image 6

Here are some photos from the Making a Toran Workshop held at the Bramble Patch yesterday. A good day – I just wish I lived closer.

In Down under Quilts (Australian magazine) this month there is a World of Quilts Booklet. Here is my work featured in the magazine

Image 4


Image 5


Image 3


Image 2


Image 1Image

Saturday 1st March

The next day we caught the plane to Mumbai. We had hoped to meet a collector of rural quilts but she was unable to see us.I was so disappointed, so we spent our time visiting the Prince of Wales museum, the Central station, Crawford market and the Gateway of India.




IMG_5228 IMG_5220 IMG_5238 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5247 IMG_5294 IMG_5289 IMG_5308

IMG_5318 IMG_5313

I had very clear memories of being in this area when I visited in 1982

IMG_5350 IMG_5406

We wandered through Dhobi Ghats where most of Mumbai’s washing is done. We were amazed that items don’t get lost. I have masses of photos.

Sunday 2nd March

We had breakfast in Leopold’s – it still has the bullet holes in the wall from the shooting there in 2008


We visited the Hajji Ali, the mosque that is out to sea on a causeway.





Small children were sitting in the sun begging. This was the first time we had really seen the more distressing side to India.

There are no textiles collections in Mumbai so we went shopping in Fabindia – I did buy myself some new clothes and it is good to see how they have taken inspiration from rural crafts in India to design and mass produce some very trendy and saleable items.

We finished our day with a lime and soda on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Gateway of India.

Monday 3rd March

The plane was delayed; we missed our connecting flight and ended up having to have an extra night in Istanbul!

Such a shame, for our trip to end in this way.

Thank you so much to the Quilters Guild for giving me the chance to learn so much. I have so much to think about, opportunities to follow up, skills and experiences to share, and 5000 photos to keep looking at to remind me of such a fabulous trip.

Thanks to all the lovely people we met along the way, most have so little but are so cheerful and content with life.

Finally thanks to Annie for coming with me, I could have probably done most of the traveling on my own but it was much more fun having someone else who is just as passionate about textiles as me.

We just want to go back!

Almost at the end of our trip

Friday 28th February


We rose at 5.45 for a departure to see the sunrise over the white desert

IMG_4598 IMG_4603 IMG_4612







and on to another part of the wedding festivities.








This was a procession from one village to another by the women, children and bridge groom. We followed, not really certain what was happening.








There was singing, throwing of coins and again it was a spectacular sight of brightly colored costumes. We had to pinch ourselves – we were so lucky.


I enjoyed being able to show my book to the people in the village. They loved seeing themselves in print.



We drove on to a few more villages and one that was almost on the Pakistan border, a very poor village, no women around, but the men looked so stylish in their long tunics and brightly coloured scarves. We really felt like we were in Pakistan